Lisa Benson, ERYT

In the early '80s, Lisa Benson studied and learned yoga from Richard Hittleman's and Swami Sachidananda's books. She starting teaching yoga in Virginia Beach after being inspired by yoga classes at Edgar Cayce's Association of Research and Enlightenment (ARE). In 1994, Lisa taught yoga on the beaches of Watch Hill, Leja Beach and Fire Island.  When she moved to Ocean Beach with her sons Brian and Daniel, Lisa began teaching in the Boat House year round.

Certified by Ishta Yoga's Yoga Zone in 2002, Lisa brings years of experience, wisdom and love to her classes. Fondly known as the godmother of yoga, Lisa's classes have planted seeds of yoga love in many who were also inspired to become yoga teachers. Lisa lives her yoga on and off the mat, and is grateful to guide people to open their hearts and shine their light! "We are here to radiate love and experience more joy!" Namaste!